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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Descriptions of Project Category

ISN Project

  1. Every member in the research team is an ISN staff.
  2. All ISN Staff who wish to do research on human subjects using ISN facilities must have an initial discussion with their Centre Heads and must inform the Chairman of the ISN Research Committee of the intended project.
  3. All research proposals which are submitted must have clearance from their respective Centre Heads.

Joint/ Collaborative Study

  1. When one or more than one of the members in the research team is a non-ISN staff.
  2. All researchers/students who wish to do a joint/collaborative research with staff of ISN must have initial discussion with the respective staff at ISN together with the main supervisor of the student.
  3. All joint/collaborative research proposals with ISN, which are submitted, must have clearance from their respective universities/institutions.  A copy of the approval letter from the University’s Research Committee must be submitted with a copy of ethical clearance (if applicable).
  4. All researchers/students must fill in the Research Proposal Form and submit it together with a copy of the full research proposal.

ISN Staff Registered for Higher Education

  1. An ISN staff who has planned to or has registered as a student at any institution of higher learning who wishes to do research at ISN.
  2. A copy of the approval letter from the University’s Research Committee must be submitted with a copy of ethical clearance (if applicable).


The ISN Research Grant (ISNRG)

The ISNRG scheme is open to all ISN staffs.

External researcher(s) who wish to apply ISNRG is compulsory to include ISN staff(s).

Terms are as follows:

1.           Malaysia citizens.

2.           Non Malaysian citizens, must collaborate with Malaysian ISN staff member(s).

3.           The maximum funds per project that can be applied for is RM100,000.00 per year, for a maximum of three years.

4.           There is an expectation that a funded project will be published, as follows:

                                                     i.       Three (3) years project - At least two (2) publications in a refereed journal; or

                                                    ii.        One (1) year to two (2) years project - At least one (1) publication in a refereed journal.

All research project must be relevant and beneficial to Malaysia mainly to enhance athletes’ performance in world class sports championship.

Research areas includes;

Sports Technology, Sports Biomechanics, Strength and Conditioning, Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, Psychosocial and Neurobehavioral in Sports.


Sports Specific – (Targeting Malaysian Performance in Olympics/World championships)

·              Sports specific –where Malaysia could win medals in Olympics or WC

o   Badminton

o   Archery

o   Cycling

o   Diving

Interdisciplinary research

·              Research with combination of disciplines that can be used to increase athletes performance / prevent injuries.


Research Application Process at ISN 

Research Management System: Quick Guide

Guidelines For Determining Research Risk Categories

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